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Osteopathy In Exmouth

1 New Cottages, Castle Lane, Exmouth, EX8 2RG

Clinic Phone No 01395 270303

Littleham Osteopathic Clinic is an established osteopathic clinic offering healthcare in a comfortable, relaxed environment. It is the clinic of Exmouth osteopath, Robin Adams. Here you will find an effective, affordable solution to a wide range of physical pain and discomfort. Osteopathy is a practical, hands-on form of health care that treats the whole body and provides relief for physical conditions and pain related to the body's structural system. In your treatment, Robin Adams will strive to establish underlying cause and a reasoned, evidence based approach to osteopathic treatment.

Patients will go through a thorough case history, physical examination, following which, a wide range of treatment techniques are used, selected to suit the individual. As all of us are created as individuals, we all have our own treatment requirements. Each person is sensitively treated so that they are comfortable with the treatment procedures while ensuring that recovery is as quick as possible.

In addition to clinical treatment, patients are also given exercise and lifestyle advice to ensure they are able to maintain good health, avoid ongoing problems and ensure the fastest and most effective recovery. This is designed to be practical and manageable. Most exercise routines are performed in about 2 minutes as it is the case that little and often is the most effective approach. As with treatment, routines are tailored to the individual such that they are comfortably managed yet effective.

Robin Adams has also specialised in the treatment of feet they are fundamental to good posture and structure. This includes painful foot conditions as well as chronic back, hip or knee complaints where posture and foot biomechanics are a key element. In extreme cases this is easily identified by flat feet. However in many cases the faulty foot mechanics are not so obvious without the aid of a Gaitscan. This sophisticated piece of clinical equipment is able to scan your feet as you walk, such that biomechanical anomalies are easily identified.

The clinic is conveniently situated outside of Exeter in Exmouth opposite Littleham church with easy parking and a bus stop opposite.

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